We want to be your partner in technology!

We strongly believe that we can bring value and execution to your technology projects, to push them faster and more confident to the finish line. We are confident in our skills, and you can be confident in choosing us as your technology partner.


Read below, to get an idea about what areas we can help you with.


Software architecture

The strength of any software solution essentially comes down to its architecture. A strong software foundation will render the entire solution easy to maintain, support and scale with demands.

If we are introduced into the project early in the design phase, we will be able to design custom software architectures that will handle your demands now – and the unforeseen demands that may show itself in the future.


Production software and automation

Production software are deep in our DNA, and we are considered domain experts in software that drives production facilities or implements test solutions.


Here are the typical areas we do very well:

  • LabVIEW solutions.
  • TestStand solutions.
  • C#/.NET solutions.
  • Custom TestStand step types.
  • Custom TestStand model plugins.
  • Instrumentation software.
  • Communication and protocols.
  • Graphical user interfaces.
  • Machine Vision.
  • Robotics.
  • In-Line systems.
  • Big data.
  • SCADA-systems.
  • Test and measurements.
  • Calibration and verification.
  • Statistical analysis and data trend.


Simulation and artificial generation

We build models in software that mimic the outwardly observable behavior to match real physical targets, conditions and algorithms.

This enables a very cost-effective and viable solution to equip teams with a computer controlled environment for R&D, software optimizations and test.


Diverse application development

We are software engineers at heart and mind, and we develop a diverse array of applications and libraries – for office use and for the industrial and mission critical domain.


Typical applications:

  • Application suites for laboratory and research.
  • Application suites for SPC (Statistical Process Control).
  • Data processing, presentation and statistical analysis.
  • Database visualization and trend analysis.


Mechanical design

We can visualize you concept early in the project phase. With 30+ years industrial experience in computer-aided designs, we can deliver CAD-drawing in any domain.


Typical domains:

  • Entire plants, buildings or machinery.
  • Test fixtures for PCB electronics.
  • Cabinets for electronics.